Teach Your Teen Driving
Teach Your Teen Driving
50% of Teens will be involved in an accident before they graduate high school.

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A Parent's Introduction to the Passenger Seat

About Us

Teach Your Teen Driving: A Parent's Introduction to the Passenger Seat is a Guide Specifically Designed to Help Parents Teach Their Teen How to Drive

Your teenager will spend a few hours with a professional instructor, but most of what they learn will be from you, the parent. Time is always in short supply, so parent and professional instructor Dave Storton created this easy-to-follow online program to teach his own teenagers to be safe drivers. Now you can follow the same program of short videos, and other tips and tricks that Dave used to save an enormous amount of time and effort while teaching his teens to drive. 50% of teens will be involved in an accident before they graduate high school, but Dave's teens are now all off at college, and they are all still accident free.

How Does This Program Help Parents?

Click on the "Start Now for Free" button above, and you will be taken to the online platform where you will find everything you need as a parent to help your teen be a safe driver. This is NOT an online class for teens, it IS an online resource for PARENTS. 

Do not hand this off to your teen and tell them to read and watch. This is for YOU as a parent to read, and it has over 20 short videos for you to watch WITH your teen, and discuss after. You will also find a Parent / Teen Driving Contract, and other learning activities designed to help you keep your teen safe. You will even learn Dave's secret to parallel parking perfectly every time!

About Program Designer Dave Storton

 Dave Storton holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education and has been teaching since 1993. He is recognized by the State of California (POST) as an expert driving instructor. He is a lead instructor for the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) at the San Jose Police Academy and the South Bay Regional Academy. He teaches EVOC instructor courses, advanced EVOC instructor courses, off road EVOC, and counter-terrorist / dignitary protection driving. In addition to instructing civilian off road courses and leading off road adventures, he teaches Hollywood stunt drivers at Bobby Ore’s Motion Picture Stunt Driving School. He also teaches leadership / teambuilding, and he teaches other instructors the art of facilitation and adult learning concepts in a POST certified Instructor Development Course. Dave has been featured for his driving expertise on Mythbusters, Fox News Channel’s Fox Report with Sheppard Smith, The Discovery Channel, the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, and the Monterey Hearld.